Multi Family Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Bellingham, Ohio have an average listing price of just under $250,000. There are actually 50 homes available to view at this point in time. Some of the hot neighborhoods around Bellingham, Ohio are Beechwood, Linden Hills, Belmont, and Walnut Hills.

Bellingham is located along I-90 and has some of the most affluent homes in the area. It is also the home to many well-known names in the real estate world such as the Waverly, Okemos, and Ketchum.

Homes for sale in this area are very reasonable and there are some great deals to be had. Most homes in Bellingham Ohio can be found on the MLS system, so that potential buyers can easily search for homes in this area and see all of the houses that are available to them.

Homes for sale can be purchased from private sellers or from real estate agents. One way to purchase these homes is through a real estate agent as there are many realtors in this area that can assist a potential home buyer. Another way to purchase homes is from a private seller who may be more affordable than buying through a real estate agent.

Homes for sale at Bellingham are usually located in the suburbs as well as the city. Many homes in this area are large homes that are full of high-end appliances and features. Some homes in this area also feature landscaping that is beautiful and includes fountains, pools, and gazebos.

The homes in this area are offered at prices below what is considered to be “middle class” or even affordable. Homes for sale at Bellingham have many features, amenities, and amenities such as a pool and/or tennis courts. Homes for sale at Bellingham have great schools that can cater to all needs, whether the residents are in the middle school to the college level.

Bellingham has many schools to offer both students and parents. This means that children do not have to go far away from home to school if they need to. They can attend the Bellingham public school district. The district is very well equipped with schools that include the public Bellingham High School and Bellingham Middle School.

Bellingham is a safe community with plenty of parks and other recreational activities that the residents love. In addition, it is also close to many major cities and attractions such as The Waldorf-Astoria and the Bellingham Regional Airport. The local shopping center is close by and the shopping in the Bellingham area is very good. The people of Bellingham enjoy shopping and entertainment as well as having nice weather, and there is plenty of it.

Bellingham has a wonderful lake and a lovely river that provide the residents with a wonderful view of the beautiful Bellingham area. The residents also love the fact that they are close to the University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest Conference of Churches, which are one of the largest churches in the state.

Homes for sale at Bellingham are usually well maintained and in good condition. Most of the homes for sale at Bellingham have fresh flowers and plants in them and are landscaped with beautiful flower beds. Most of the homes for sale in this area also have fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces as well as outdoor fireplaces.

Homes for sale at Bellingham are generally well kept and in excellent conditions. Most of the homes for sale at Bellingham also come with a warranty for the appliances and the flooring. If there is a problem with an appliance, the appliances are replaced for a small amount of money.

Homes for sale at Bellingham are generally close to schools as well as the local shopping area. There are many good homes for sale at Bellingham that are in great locations and are near many major cities, including Olympia.

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