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Having a landlord who is trustworthy makes tenants feel safe and secure. Those working in real estate, such as Steven Taylor Los Angeles, understand the importance of landlords building a good rapport with their tenants. Look at this explanation of how to detect an ethical landlord.


Ethical landlords are good communicators. They use whatever means they have at their disposal to notify tenants of renovation initiatives, safety inspections, and rent price changes. Many landlords use email messages to communicate. They may send out emails once a week, every two weeks, or once a month to tell tenants about specific updates. Some landlords prefer to send out paper letters, especially if their tenant population is older–part of the Baby Boomer and Silent Generation cohorts–or do not use the Internet very often. Landlords can also post paper flyers and create social media pages to inform their tenants of any alterations.


A landlord who is consistently available can build a great deal of trust with his or her tenants. There are some landlords who have offices on or near their property; they set office hours so that their tenants can schedule appointments or walk in to chat with them about certain issues. Landlords who cannot be available in person usually allow their tenants to engage in phone or virtual conferences with them. Such conferences are very beneficial for many landlords because it gives them the opportunity to speak with potential tenants who reside in other cities and states. If tenants realize that they can access their landlord at specific times, they can cultivate a strong sense of trust with him or her.


Organization in real estate can take on many different forms. The physical property that a landlord owns should be well-organized so that tenants can witness repairs and other processes run smoothly. The rent-paying systems should also be well-structured. Tenants must be reassured that if they pay their rent via check or money order or online, it will be recorded as paid and their accounts will be updated accordingly. If a tenant witnesses a landlord misplace their payments or fail to record their payments, he or she will lose trust in that landlord. Many landlords have invested in electronic rent payment solutions so that electronic records of transactions are automatically captured and stored.

The world needs as many ethical landlords as possible. Landlords should do their best to engage in transparent and sensible practices.

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