Real Estate Licens

If you’re looking to get your real estate license but you’re unsure how much it costs or whether or not it’s free, here’s your answer: while there are many online courses that are offered for free, none of them are going to provide you with the accreditation necessary for maintaining a real estate license.

How Much Does A Real Estate License Cost?!

While It varies from state to state, it’s not uncommon for an upfront expense of approx. $2,000 to become licensed, not to mention the $300-$500 it costs for membership in the regional MLS.

But that’s not all. The journey doesn’t end when you receive your real estate license, In fact, most would argue that that’s just the beginning. In order to retain your license, continued education must be participated in. This can cost anywhere from $500-$700 simply to maintain your National Association of Realtors membership and another $300-$500 for your MLS membership.

Real Estate Online Courses

As previously mentioned, online education in real estate often comes free as there are many options to pick and choose from (some more or less valuable than others, of course).

These courses, however, don’t assist in any way you getting your real estate license. Nonetheless, Real estate courses aren’t a complete waste of time and can, in fact, provide great value. Not only will free online courses provide you with the convenience and advantage of learning in the comforts of your own home, and at no expense, but it also can teach you some key real-world examples of all that is real estate and prepare you for when you’re truly ready to chase your real estate license.

In Summary

While receiving your real estate license will most certainly come at a cost (unfortunately no freebies here), for the right investor or individual, a real estate license can provide so much benefit that the cost outweighs the future profit.

So, if you’re on the fence about getting your real estate license, and are now disappointed to learn that it doesn’t come free, just ask yourself whether or not the time and effort required to acquire it is worth it to you, your business, or your investors. Whatever decision you land on, know that if you’re in the real estate business, having a real estate license may be the difference-maker in your success.

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